5 Gifts for Valentine’s Day to win every argument this year 🎁

5 Gifts for Valentine’s Day to win every argument this year 🎁

At Klub, we are always in touch with our mission, to celebrate brands and the relationships we build with hustling founders, who have not let us down at all. This is what defines the perfect relationship, personal or professional: you trust your partner & they put in the right efforts to come through for you.

That was some really profound romantic advice, wasn’t it?

This list is basically everything we would have wanted our partners to get us for Valentine’s Day. Here are my favorite picks for fresh gifting ideas for your valentine:

1. Bewakoof 👕

What's up for grabs: Customized apparel under ₹399 ✨

Shop from the freshly curated Valentine's Store for your valentine where get to choose from the coolest range of t-shirts, tops, dresses, bags, or footwear, all designed to show that you understand their trendy style.

Beyond fashion, you can also check out pop culture merchandise, perfect for your nerdy valentine.

2. The Man Company 🧔🏻‍♂️

What's up for grabs: Complimentary gifts upto ₹2798 on your order ✨

No “His & Hers” without him, right? Grooming products by The Man Company are a favorite among men and you can buy their curated gift boxes to get complimentary goodies from the brand. And their collection is not just about grooming products but also oral vitamins for you to remind him about taking care of his health! Like a partner who cares.

Even better, for those perfectionist girlfriends, you can also curate your own gift boxes for him so you can show how well you understand exactly what he needs.

3. SMOOR 🍫

What's up for grabs: Everything chocolate-y starting at ₹999 ✨

Any gifting list would be incomplete without a decadent chocolatier, don’t you think? Most of my favorite chocolates, cakes & desserts have been baked by the experts at SMOOR. Their entire Valentine’s Special menu is dripping with goodness & you can even curate your selection from their entire range of pralines, macarons, bars, cakes, and whatnot.

Can’t say no to that, can you?

4. Azani 🌾

What's up for grabs: Freebies worth ₹400 for orders above ₹499 ✨

While I am on the subject of health, you should definitely get the perfect self-care products for yourself & your valentine. There’s no rule against treating yourself on Valentine’s Day, right? Because the good folks at Azani are giving away freebies with every order above INR 499 and that’s not where the V Day promotions end. The entire selection of skincare, haircare & nutrition supplements is 70% off for V Day, which means they are practically giving it away on this lovely occasion!

If not anything, do book yourself a consultation with these experts so you keep celebrating this day with your valentine for as long as you want ❤️

5. PropShop24 🎀

What's up for grabs: Flat 20% off on your order using our coupon code ✨

For everyone who needs a diversity of options before they make up their mind about what they actually want, this is the place for you. Experts at designing diversity in gifting, PropShop24 launches 500+ products every Thursday, which means you get your hands on fresh merchandise that’s unique, trendy & special. Beyond all of this, one thing that resonates the most with all of us at Klub is this:

Go shop for anything you like and use our coupon code WithLoveFromKlub to avail 20% off on your purchase (NO MINIMUM CART VALUE 🥳)

This Valentine’s Day, you can show some love to homegrown brands that are relentlessly working on creating products & experiences out of the ordinary. All of these gifts go perfectly well with a good cup of bed tea in the morning as well as a great date somewhere bright & sunny!


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