5 lessons from SMOOR's CEO on scaling your D2C brand ๐Ÿš€

5 lessons from SMOOR's CEO on scaling your D2C brand ๐Ÿš€

After growing its revenues by 100X after the pandemic, India's No.1 gourmet chocolate brand SMOOR Chocolates recently raised a Series A from Rebel Foods, one of India's largest cloud kitchen aggregators.

Our CEO & Co-founder Anurakt Jain recently had an exclusive chat with SMOOR CEO & Co-founder Vimal Sharma ahead of their recent achievement and we were in awe of these 5 golden lessons by the chocolate king himself.

Here are 5 lessons we learnt from our exclusive chat with Vimal:

#1 Funding is not the endgame

Klub Team - Congratulations on the big milestone with Rebel Foods, Vimal. How do you feel?

Klub Team - Pre Rebel, have you ever been denied funding for SMOOR?

#2 Your team defines your brand

Klub Team - The brand must have seen its fair share of good & bad days during the pandemic, what were those challenges? How did your team get through it?

Vimal - It was a trying time to deal with the pandemic as a brand but our team was a constant support throughout the time. Tackling floor issues during production as well as handling consumer concerns as we widened our delivery footprint, my team has been a rock while dealing with the pandemic & I am glad to have come out on the other side with all these folks.

Smoor team Revenue based financing
SMOOR team

#3 Playbooks are a game-changer

#4 Breathe your brand

#5 Choose the right growth partners

Watching one of our portfolio brands hightail across their industry to emerge as a leader is inspiring for us.

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