Boost your Myntra sales: 13 pro hacks for new sellers

Boost your Myntra sales: 13 pro hacks for new sellers
Boost your Myntra sales

Did you know that top sellers on Myntra earn a revenue of ₹2500 crore in a year? Quite impressive, isn’t it? But, for those new to the platform, the journey to grow and scale on Myntra can seem a bit challenging. Nevertheless, with the right steps, brands can truly shine amidst its vast customer base. A testament to Myntra's dominance in online shopping was the recent Big Fashion Festival, which pulled in 1.2 million new shoppers, leading to massive sales for its vendors. Dive into the most useful Myntra seller tips and insights on how to grow your Myntra business selling experience.

How to increase sales on Myntra?

Here are the 13 crucial hacks to scale on Myntra. 

1. Prioritise visual impact

  • Invest in high-quality photography: High-resolution, multi-angle product photos are vital as Myntra shoppers base decisions on visuals. The impact of captivating images is immense.

Berrylush displays multi-angle product images on Myntra.

  • Provide accurate size charts: Easy-to-read and accurate sizing guides assist customers in making the right choice, reducing returns and increasing satisfaction. For emerging brands, aligning their size chart with established brands, like H&M for Western clothing or Biba for Indian wear, can help the audience more confidently relate and select the correct size.

2. Craft comprehensive product descriptions

The devil is in the details. 

  • Emphasise the product's benefits and use clear, concise language free from jargon. Be transparent and truthful about your product's capabilities. 
  • Highlight unique selling points and use relevant keywords that potential customers might use to search for your products.
  • Format descriptions to be easily scannable with bullet points and short paragraphs. List key features, explain the benefits, and use persuasive language to encourage purchase.
  • The product descriptions must include all the product features, materials used, weight, size, and more.

3. Get your pricing right

  • Competitive pricing: Ensure profitability but stand out with competitive rates. Use tools that adjust prices based on demand and competitors.
  • Discounts and bundle offers: Offer regular discounts, run flash sales and participate in promotional events to increase sales, boost more significant buys and generate brand buzz. 

Use bundle offers and combos to increase your sales and average order value (AOV). This will help you improve your gross merchandise value (GMV).

4. Keep your inventory in check

Smooth supply chains are the backbone of successful e-commerce. Avoid stockouts, which can lead to lost sales and customer dissatisfaction. Implement inventory management tools to track stock levels and predict demand accurately. 

Tailor your product listings to align with your order fulfilment capacity, avoiding overextension, which can lead to unmet orders. During flash sales, carefully manage your inventory to prevent stock shortages and subsequent order cancellations.

Moreover, working capital is essential for ensuring a smooth inventory flow. Klub offers flexible funding up to Rs. 30 crores to digital businesses and SMEs. 

Ex-CEO of Myntra Ananth Narayanan says, “Myntra values freshness, as in fresh stocks, new styles coming in all the time. Therefore, if you want to make Myntra your primary platform, you as a seller have to introduce more frequent drops, and you have to get tagged to what’s new.”

5. Boost your product's visibility

One of the easiest ways to elevate your product's visibility in its category on Myntra is by leveraging performance marketing. This strategy can give your listing a sponsored tag, placing it prominently at the top. However, it's essential to diligently monitor your ad spend on these performance ads to safeguard against potential losses.

Other ways to boost your visibility and stay at the top of the search results are:

  • Use relevant keywords: Craft product titles and descriptions using keywords that align with what your target audience is searching.
  • Have proper product categorisation: Ensure your products are placed in the correct categories to make them easily findable for users browsing the platform.
  • Offer variations: Where applicable, offer various sizes, colours, or other product variations. A broader selection increases the chances of conversion.
  • Use Myntra's ad campaigns: Utilise Myntra's advertising options, such as Product Listing Ads (PLA) and sponsored promotions, to enhance the visibility of your products.

6. Harness positive reviews and ratings

Positive reviews and high ratings are a testament to your brand's credibility. Continuously encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and address negative feedback promptly and professionally.

7. Create a comprehensive product catalogue 

Develop an extensive product catalogue to give your customers a wide range of choices.

Consistently ensure product quality to minimise returns and avoid negative reviews.

8. Go above and beyond for customers

Once a purchase is made, brands can utilise post-purchase nurture with the customer through push notifications and/or WhatsApp marketing. Superior service encourages repeat business. Ensuring that the customer feels valued and attended to is key. 

9. Utilise Myntra's analytics

Use the seller dashboard to track sales and customer trends. Adapt based on best-selling products and peak times.

10. Optimise for Mobile

Many users shop via the Myntra app. Ensure your listings are mobile-friendly.

11. Showcase ethical practices

Highlight any sustainable or ethically-made processes. Many consumers, especially the Gen Z audience,  value these aspects.

12. Promote outside Myntra

Increase visibility by promoting your Myntra store on social media, emails, and through partnerships.

13. Participate actively in Myntra promotions

Myntra frequently hosts sale events. Participate actively in these events to boost your visibility and sales. Use Myntra's advertising options and explore collaborations with influencers or bloggers for product reviews and shoutouts.

You can also apply for Myntra's "Rising STARS" Programme to bolster your emerging D2C brand with comprehensive support. 

Case study: The Berrylush paradigm that benefited from Myntra’s brand accelerator programme

Highlighting the transformative power of Myntra's influence is the success story of Berrylush, an indigenous western wear brand. For the fiscal year 2023, Berrylush recorded an impressive turnover of ₹61 crore, marking a colossal 100%+ YoY revenue escalation as compared to the previous year. 

Myntra's strategic interventions have been instrumental in this success, contributing to 60% of Berrylush's overall sales.

Berrylush leveraged Myntra's accelerator program in several ways:

  • Technical support: Berrylush efficiently managed products using Myntra's user-friendly interfaces and technical support.
  • Cataloguing assistance: With Myntra's photography and listing guidelines, Berrylush improved product presentation, aiding in efficient consumer navigation.
  • Data-driven strategies: Berrylush received branded pages, personalised reports, and feedback, refining its market presence and approach.
  • Visibility and marketing: Berrylush enhanced its brand presence through prime spots on Myntra, participation in sales events, and sponsored listings.
  • Inventory predictions: Advanced tools from Myntra enabled Berrylush to forecast inventory needs based on sales trends.
  • Streamlined supply chain: Myntra's services optimised Berrylush's storage, packaging, and dispatch, offering bulk shipping discounts and simplified return processes.
  • Economical customer outreach: Partnering with Myntra allowed Berrylush to penetrate the market cost-effectively, benefiting from reduced operational expenses and wider audience reach.
  • Expanded delivery network: Berrylush leveraged Myntra's logistics to serve a vast number of pin codes across India, ensuring faster deliveries.

Myntra's partnership with Berrylush resulted in impressive growth and efficiency improvements, demonstrating the transformative impact of Myntra's accelerator program on indigenous brands.

Needless to say, scaling on Myntra, like any other marketplace, requires patience, perseverance, and continuous optimisation based on feedback and performance data. By implementing these Myntra seller hacks and staying adaptable, you're on your way to achieving e-commerce success on Myntra. 

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