Klub Patrons lead the funding round for Hanto

Klub Patrons lead the funding round for Hanto
Klub and Hanto announcement

The obsession with growing and becoming bigger is shared by all founders and this is a story of a founder within the Klub doing the same for another founder through our latest product: Klub Syndicates.

Let us take you through Klub Syndicates

In the immortal words of Nicholas Fury, “The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles that we never could.” As a leading facilitator of funding for startups, we wanted to elevate our offering. To truly create an investment product by founders, for founders.

Klub Syndicates brings together patron investors including founders who are as keen as us to back businesses raising flexible capital to grow. Know more about the privileges of being a Klub patron here.

💡 What is a Syndicate? A syndicate is a private and exclusive investment opportunity led by patron investors, who act as the Syndicate Lead. Klub patrons get access to join syndicates & participate in investments led by the Syndicate Lead.

Not very long ago, one of our patrons referred a brand to us that he wished to fund through our syndicate model. Having facilitated multiple rounds of funding for many startups across stages, we were happy to enable this transaction on our platform.

Soon after, we met Hanto.

Uniquely designed managed spaces promote productivity, hygiene, and collaboration. Focus on hygiene and workspace awareness programs that promote clean workspaces. Enterprise-grade IT and facility infrastructure to support all kinds of business operations. Hanto was seeking to raise flexible capital and our patron investors helped us facilitate funding for the brand. Aashit Verma, founder of Hanto shared:

Raising capital had been on our minds for quite some time and when Klub patrons offered to lead our investment round on their platform, we got on board instantly. With Klub, fundraising was convenient, thanks to their syndicate investment design. Would totally recommend RBF and Klub to brands with recurring cash inflows who are seeking growth capital.

Why is this a story worth telling?

Because as a capital platform “by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs”, we don’t think there is any better investor [read: cheerleader] for your brand than investors who have been on your journey & are now waiting for you on the other side of growth. Having a Klub patron as the Syndicate Lead helped us get the opportunity subscribed in under 12 hours by 12 other patron investors. Here is what the Syndicate Lead shared with us about this marquee transaction:

The managed spaces industry is poised to grow by 21% over the next few years which meant that investing in a new age brand like Hanto in this space was a no-brainer. Klub’s platform has been my go-to option for investing so getting a chance to activate a Syndicate through their model was a great opportunity for me to back a startup, just like Klub did for mine.

Yet another powerful example of the community backing their loved brands, a phenomenon that we at Klub hope to facilitate more often in the future. Considering the number of hoops founders have to jump through for funding, many digital SMEs can leverage our network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors & industry veterans for flexible growth capital that is quick to raise & easy to repay.

If you think your brand can leverage what we have built to raise flexible growth capital, you are at the right place. Join the Klub here 🚀.

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