From Amazon to CRED: Save the dates of 100+ sale days in 2024

From Amazon to CRED: Save the dates of 100+ sale days in 2024

Remember last year's festive e-commerce frenzy? While the usual giants dominated the headlines, a quiet revolution was brewing – Indian D2C brands saw a staggering 43% order volume surge and a 52% GMV boost during major marketplace sales! These scrappy underdogs not only survived, they thrived, proving they're a force to be reckoned with.

But how did they achieve this David vs. Goliath victory? Here's the secret sauce:

  • Savvy Consumers: Today's Indian shoppers crave unique experiences and authentic narratives. D2C brands, with their direct-to-consumer approach and genuine brand stories, hit the sweet spot, offering a refreshing alternative to the generic marketplace maze.Mamaearth, a premium D2C skincare brand, saw a boost of 93% in their profits, majorly through marketplaces in 2023. For MamaEarth, marketplace sales only help build their brand image, and not a direct factor to their sales.

  • Marketplace Muscle: Joining forces with established platforms like Big Billion Days and Amazon Prime Day gave D2C brands access to a massive shopper pool hungry for bargains. It's like borrowing a superhero's sidekick to boost your own powers!
  • Festive FOMO: Who can resist a good deal, especially during the festive season? D2C brands embraced the sale spirit, launching irresistible offers and targeted campaigns, proving they can party (and win) just as hard as the big guys.

Now, you might be thinking, "That's impressive, but how do I join this D2C party in 2024?" Worry not, aspiring entrepreneur! Your ticket to e-commerce glory is here: The 2024 Marketplace Sales Calendar. It’s free 🙂

Imagine this calendar as your cheat sheet to success. It's packed with insights into upcoming Indian mega sales, platform-specific dates, and shopper trends. 🚀 

With the right strategy and this magical calendar, you can turn 2024 into your brand's blockbuster season. So, download that calendar, crank up the D2C tunes, and get ready to dance to the bank! Remember, the Indian e-commerce stage is yours for the taking – just grab your spotlight and own your story.

P.S. Did I mention the calendar is FREE? Go get it already!

Now go forth and conquer, D2C warriors - the Indian e-commerce world awaits your magic!

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