From cricket to content to commerce: Unlock winning strategies from Bombay Shaving Company

From cricket to content to commerce: Unlock winning strategies from Bombay Shaving Company

If you are a founder of a digital consumer brand, you would agree that the combination of creativity and strategy has become the hallmark of success in the startup world. This fusion sets the stage for new-age digital companies to carve their niche amidst fierce competition, much like top cricketers achieve greatness through a blend of talent and strategic gameplay.

Just as a cricket match unfolds with calculated moves and spontaneous brilliance, so does the landscape of brand building. Content marketing here emerges as a formidable ally, enabling businesses to captivate audiences and amplify their brand presence. Concurrently, the spotlight shines bright on personal branding, with founders and key business leaders shaping their identities and, consequently, those of their companies.

Recently, we spoke to Varun Gupta, Chief Growth Officer of Bombay Shaving Company. During our conversation, Varun highlighted the similarities between cricket, content marketing, and founder branding. 

Let’s dive in. 

How does content marketing contribute to business growth and customer acquisition?

In business, Varun draws striking parallels between content marketing and cricket. 

He eloquently states, "Content marketing is like building an innings in cricket." 

This analogy perfectly encapsulates the essence of content marketing: just as in cricket, where each shot and run contributes to the overall score, content marketing endeavours to build lasting relationships with the audience.

Varun emphasises the importance of providing valuable information, entertaining content, and engaging stories to keep the audience hooked. 

Content marketing, the top of the funnel, is where potential customers first become aware of your product or service, so it's essential to have SEO-optimised blogs to attract their attention. In the middle of the funnel, customers are considering your product and may want more information, so guides and long-form content are effective. At the bottom of the funnel, customers are ready to decide, so case studies and user interviews can help convince them to choose your product or service. Tailoring your content marketing strategy to your product and category is essential to move customers through the funnel effectively.

"It's not just about hitting boundaries," he notes, "it's about building trust, establishing authority, and maintaining the audience's return for more, ultimately leading to brand love and advocacy."

This sentiment is echoed as it reflects on the challenges inherent in today's world of short attention spans and fierce competition. "This is easier said than done," he concedes. "It's both science and art. It needs the humility not to rule out trends and fads, the tenacity to make multiple attempts at cracking the algorithms and the innocence of accepting failures." 

However, Varun highlights the rewards of effective content marketing, citing Bombay Shaving Company's success in commanding respect and love through digital channels like the YT podcast with the founder, “The Barbershop With Shantanu”, eventually leading to commerce.

How can the founder’s branding journey translate to company branding?

Varun further explores the concept of personal branding and its impact on company branding. 

He parallels leading a cricket team and explains, "As a captain, your actions, demeanour, and leadership style reflect on the entire team." 

Similarly, the personal brand of a founder or key leadership figures sets the tone for the company's brand identity.

At Bombay Shaving Company, Varun reveals the brand was crafted through the personal brands of the founder and key management personnel. 

This approach facilitated the launch of innovative marketing campaigns and garnered organic traction, bypassing the need for exorbitant marketing budgets.

Varun Gupta's insights underscore the intertwined nature of content marketing, personal branding, and company identity. 

Much like the coordination required in a cricket team, the synergy between these elements is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in today's competitive landscape. 

Effective content creation and distribution can strengthen brand loyalty, foster connections with your audience, drive business growth, and boost commerce. As Bombay Shaving Company exemplifies, businesses can build strong and lasting relationships with their customers by leveraging the principles of content marketing, aligning personal branding efforts with company values, and tapping into the passion and emotion that cricket can evoke.

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