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Are you looking for a funding company for startups? Get funded with a fundraiser for your startup with investment company Klub. It all starts with bootstrapping as seed funding for startups.

Funding Company for Startups - Fundraising | Investment Website


Best Funding Companies for Indian Startups

The Indian startup ecosystem has come a long way with almost 70 startups turning into a unicorn in the past two years, as per Inc42. Indian startups have already raised 11 billion USD in the first quarter of 2022. For most entrepreneurs, it all starts with bootstrapping as seed funding for startups. Funds are required for scalability as the company grows. With expansion, costs keep going up & it requires more money to grow revenues on a similar scale. Founders look for various sources of fundraising for startups such as angel investors, revenue based financing, venture capitalists, etc. In the initial phase of growth trajectory companies usually prefer going out for debt or revenue based financing as it leads to short term funds without diluting any equity.

There are many companies that facilitate funding for startups especially in terms of Revenue Based Financing. Here are some startup funding websites that might help you in getting funds for your startup: is a mentorship cum investment provider for Indian emerging businesses. Incubator and accelerator programs may be a trusted source of investment for startups. Such initiatives, which can be found in nearly every large city, annually fund hundreds of new startups. Although the two names are interchangeable, there are just a few key distinctions between them. Incubators are like mentors or guides, nurturing the business by giving it resources, training, and network that can be used for start-up investment. Accelerators do much the same thing as incubators, except an incubator helps a firm learn to walk while an accelerator encourages it to run or take a great jump. The company owners who participate in these programmes must invest their time because they typically last 4-8 months. Using this platform, you'll be able to connect with mentors, investors, and other businesses in your field.

Digital businesses that are bootstrapped and thriving well with recurring monthly revenues can go for Revenue Based Financing in case of working capital needs or expansion plans. Flexible debt options by Klub, India’s leading revenue based financing enabler, have been availed by 300+ brands including popular D2C giants like Bewakoof, Smoor, Furlenco and BluSmart. With Klub, startups can raise 5 lakhs to 30 Crores with the tenure of 3 to 18 months. Flexible repayments, equity free funds, and no personal guarantee are some of the distinguishing features of the Klub making it a preferred option for startup fundraising.

Kalaari capital is an early stage technology focused venture capital firm. They primarily fund seed and series A startups to build unique solutions. Portfolio of Kalaari capital includes prominent names like Simplilearn, Yourstory, Myntra, Zivame and WazirX etc.

Oxyzo is a leading lending company in India providing credit solutions to SMEs in India aiming to transform them into large enterprises by supporting in expanding operations, revenue and profitability.

Blume Ventures is a leading VC firm operating with a mission to reimagine startup finance for India by creating an unusual kind of venture firm, one that could move with the speed of an angel investor, but be institutionalized in its approach. Blume bridged a gap that had existed in the Indian venture market then, between local angel networks and larger global venture capital firms. Along the way, this venture fund has backed transformational ventures and passionate founders of brands like Dunzo, LBB, Turtlemint, Servify and over a 100 startups, across geographies and verticals.

Adequate funds make it easier for the companies to scale and have a high growth trajectory..