How do women invest in 2024?

Around 30% of Klub patron investors are women so we thought a 1:1 with one of them would help us deep dive into where we stand today in terms of financial freedom & investing behaviour. Read more to see what we found out.

How do women invest in 2024?

In recent times, the government seems to have had a 'Eureka moment' amidst growing economic tension, realising that the inclusion of women in the formal financial system could be a key solution. Women, constituting 62% of the country's population, represent a significant workforce potential that could contribute to the country's GDP.

💡 Recognising the importance of women in finance, 45% of Klub patron investors are women. To delve deeper into the financial freedom and investing behaviour of women, a 1:1 conversation with them was initiated. Ishani Chanana, CFA and a Klub patron, shared insights, stating, "Around 50% of the women in my circle invest either by themselves or through a financial advisor."

Despite the existing global gender gap, which is estimated to take 135.6 years to bridge, there is a noticeable shift in the financial landscape for women. The narrative was further reinforced by Harshita Bhat, Senior Manager at Tata Consumer Products, who made independent financial decisions after discovering Klub.

Klub: How do you go about making financial decisions?

Harshita Bhat: "In the past, my family made financial decisions for me. However, being from the accounting stream, I stumbled upon what Klub does and decided to take a very independent decision concerning finance for the very first time!"

The DSP Winvestor Pulse 2019 Survey indicates that 33% of women make independent financial decisions, compared to 64% of men. This shift is particularly evident among millennial women, aged 18-25, whose financial decisions influence older women in the 30-36 age bracket. This evolving trend is notable as women actively discuss and make independent decisions about investments, diversifying their portfolios across various options.

Klub: How has your experience with Klub been?

Harshita Bhat: "It's been a year since I've been a Klub Patron, and the experience has been wonderful! I started by investing in one brand and today, I'm investing in a total of five brands. Until now, I've been able to make 5x my returns in almost a year."

Klub's platform offers a chic vibe and a delightful financial investing experience, allowing patron investors, regardless of gender, to fund and nurture brands they love. Transparency is a key aspect, enabling investors to understand how their money is allocated and how they benefit in the future.

Looking at the grassroots, the government's initiative to bridge employability gaps through skilling programs has contributed to a more diverse and skilled workforce. This, coupled with the insight from KPMG surveys, emphasises the profitability of enterprises with a diverse mix of male and female professionals. Women, increasingly occupying roles as white-collared professionals, play a vital role in incentivising financial advancements in the country.

💡 With more women like Harshita taking charge of growing their personal wealth, there is hope for increasing investment literacy among working women. Studies show that women make better financial decisions due to their patience and keen eye for detail.

P.S - Recognising the impact of women founded startups, Klub has pledged to make more women invest and fund women founded startups.

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