How Shark Tank brand Jhaji achieved 4x revenue growth with growth capital?

How Shark Tank brand Jhaji achieved 4x revenue growth with growth capital?
Shark Tank brand, Jhaji, growth with debt funding

Among the multiple cherished things in an Indian household are the TV dramas of saas-bahu, dadi’s homemade pickles, and the bond between a nanad and bhabhi (sister-in-laws). Now, the first thing that comes to mind on hearing the nanad-bhabhi duo is the unmissable story from Shark Tank Season 1. Jhaji, a traditional pickle brand, offers Ghar Jaisa Swaad, Phir Se and perfectly embodies that no business is too small. They thoroughly encapsulate that if one dares to dream big, IT IS possible to achieve it. 

Shark Tank brand Jhaji receives feedback
Customer feedback for Jhaji

With almost 3 years in, and 5 rounds of funding raised, Klub’s partnership with the real sharks, Kalpana and Uma Jha, the founders of Jha Ji, has been absolutely transformative. Dive in to see how!

Rewind to December 2021, right after their Shark Tank episode aired, Jhaji saw their sales grow 400% almost overnight, skyrocketing from INR 5 lakh to INR 20 lakh a month. 

Shark Tank brand Jhaji receives growth in orders
Monthly sales growth of Shark Tank brand Jhaji

Quoting the sharks, this dynamic duo had captured the hearts, minds, and appetites of the entire nation with their little pickle jars. 

Brand Jhaji on Shark Tank India season 1
Jhaji on Shark Tank India

This rapid growth called for better logistical coordination to manage the increasing demand - process more orders, and set up additional warehouses to reduce delivery times and fulfil customer expectations. Enter Klub! Known for founder-friendly, fair, and flexible debt funding solutions and working capital for Indian startups like Jhaji, Klub was the perfect partner to provide debt capital enabling them to expand infrastructure and streamline operations seamlessly. 

With expertise in founder-friendly, fair and flexible inventory solutions for various brands, the partnership between Jhaji and Klub proved to be a perfect match to expand Jhaji’s  infrastructure and optimise processes seamlessly. 

Starting their journey from the land of Mithilanchal, Bihar, Jhaji began modestly in 2020 with a team of just 4-5 individuals. And today, they stand as a pillar of economic empowerment in Bihar, providing sustainable livelihoods to over 100 employees. From those early days, where they served just a handful of customers daily, they have grown to serve over 1.5 lakh pickle-lovers through their website and major platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, reaching over 10,000 pincodes. With 3-4 strategic warehouses now in place across the country, Jhaji is well-equipped with revenue based financing to meet the increasing demand both domestically and internationally. 

Jhaji growth
Growth of Shark Tank India brand, Jhaji

Kalpana Jha, co-founder of Jhaji emphasises, “Klub has been instrumental for us, especially during critical times. It’s like having a reliable piggy bank we can count on whenever needed. Our trust in Klub and their team runs deep—we’ve successfully raised multiple rounds with their support. Their commitment to businesses, big or small, is truly transformative." Hear more from her here.

As Jhaji continues to flourish with Klub by their side as their growth partner, we raise a toast to their journey and the success of countless other brands. Whether you're savouring success or striving towards it, Klub stands ready to support your business ambitions with debt funding, revenue based financing solutions and more. Join the Klub today.

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