Klub backed Daalchini aims to cross ₹100 crores ARR in the next 12 months

Klub backed Daalchini aims to cross ₹100 crores ARR in the next 12 months
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Daalchini, India's pioneering full-stack retail-tech startup founded in 2018 by ex-Paytm executives Prerna Kalra and Vidya Bhushan backed by Klub, India’s largest Revenue Based Financing company, announced today that it aims to cross ₹100 crores ARR in the next 12 months. 

The company operates through a network of more than 1600 vending machines across 45+ cities in India. These IoT-enabled 'phygital' (physical+digital) vending machines and smart stores are transforming the snacking landscape,  offering affordable and healthy snacks, along with home-style meals. 

Daalchini has recorded remarkable growth, doubling its turnover with ₹25 crores net revenue and achieving a staggering 123% CAGR. The company aims to cross ₹100 crores ARR in the next 12 months, showcasing its commitment to continuous expansion and market dominance. Currently, the Daalchini app has more than 5 lakh monthly active users.

Daalchini's success is further amplified by its partnership with Klub, a revolutionary Revenue-Based Financing company. Klub's funding model, characterised by 0% equity dilution, has played a pivotal role in Daalchini's growth story. Prerna Kalra, co-founder of Daalchini, stated, "Our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With Klub's support, we've redefined the retail-tech landscape, and our focus remains on delivering innovative snacking solutions while maintaining financial sustainability."

Daalchini is already a profitable venture, generating positive EBITA for FY23. It boasts an impressive clientele that includes industry giants such as Reliance, Aditya Birla Group's Hindalco, IBM, Accenture, Wipro, Samsung, Vodafone, and many others. 

Providing a high-return customer acquisition platform for D2C brands, Daalchini has collaborated with more than 200 brands, including Sleepy Owl, The Whole Truth Foods, Open Secret, Yoga Bar, Slurrp Farm, BRB, Cremica Opera, Cravova, Millet Bowl, Yogapulp, as well as industry giants like Dabur, Nestle, and Mars.

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