Klub bolsters Indian brands with INR 40 crores investment, primed for festive season success

Klub bolsters Indian brands with INR 40 crores investment, primed for festive season success

Klub, India’s leading growth enablement platform, announced today its investment of INR 40 crores in Indian brands. This substantial capital injection has empowered several prominent brands of India including Naagin Sauce, Ustraa, Illuvia, Kraasa, Jaipur watch Company, amongst others positioning them for revenue success during the upcoming festive season this year. With a focus on elevating the Indian market, Klub's investments span across various sectors, demonstrating their commitment to driving growth and innovation in the country.

Out of the INR 40 crores invested, the majority was allocated to the fashion and apparel category, closely followed by personal care and beauty. Klub's diverse portfolio showcases investments distributed across ten distinct categories, fostering a vibrant and thriving ecosystem of Indian brands especially focusing on festive season sales. Klub aims to accelerate growth trajectory and enable businesses in key sectors to capture a larger market share. The capital raised by these brands provides them with essential resources such as working capital, inventory management, performance marketing, store financing, and the opportunity to onboard celebrities and brand ambassadors. This holistic approach enables brands to unlock their full potential and seize the festive season's unparalleled growth opportunities.

A bar graph showcasing the percentage of capital disbursed by Klub in each category for preparing them for festive season sales from Jan to June 2023.

Arjun Rastogi, co-founder at Naagin, expressed the importance of Klub's funding and the festive season's significance for their business. "Securing this timely investment from Klub has been great for us. The festive season is a pivotal period for driving sales and expanding our customer base as our core audience is engaged in festivities and the upcoming wedding season. With Klub's support, we are well-equipped to introduce new products, scale our operations, and deliver an exceptional experience to our consumers.”

Klub's co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Ishita Verma shared their vision for scaling Indian brands through strategic investments. "We are dedicated to propelling the growth of Indian brands and showcasing their potential on a global scale. By offering comprehensive financial solutions and fostering strategic partnerships, Klub is empowering businesses to reach new heights. Our investments are driven by a deep understanding of market dynamics and data-led insights, ensuring that Indian brands are well-positioned to capture the festive season's tremendous growth potential."

With their data-led insights and thought leadership, Klub continues to emerge as a driving force behind the success of Indian brands. As the festive season approaches, Klub's strategic investments empower businesses to innovate, expand their customer base, and maximise revenue opportunities. Klub provides digital businesses with fast and flexible capital up to INR 30 crores without having to dilute equity. Since its inception, Klub has funded 500+ brands in over 1200 investment rounds.

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