Fresh from Farm is now a walk in the garden

Fresh from Farm is now a walk in the garden
Gourmet Garden and Klub announcement

All our efforts are pointed in the same direction - to celebrate brands. Founders & startups represent everything futuristic in our economy & backing them on their journey to growth is the best contribution in our opinion.

We have been addicted to fresh produce straight from the farms since the day Gourmet Garden knocked on our door to join the klub. Gourmet Garden is the new way of life now - delivering 100% contamination-free, pesticide-free naturoponically grown vegetables that make for meals that are tastier & healthier than before.

The brand became popular in Bangalore for its fresh produce, sourced from certified partner farms and imported fresh fruits delivered directly to the doorsteps of customers. Through their proprietary naturoponic farming approach, the brand has become a market leader in growing the purest, freshest and finest tasting vegetables, using RO water, non-GMO seeds and no soil to ensure maximum nutrition and good health. Gourmet Garden spoke to us about why they opted for Revenue Based Financing in a market where venture debt & capital often occupy a huge chunk of a founder’s mindshare. Arjun Balaji, Co-Founder, Gourmet Garden shared:

Funding through Klub is convenient as well as easy, making it a quick solution for our working capital gaps. Fundraising often comes with a long turnaround time but Klub makes it possible to go through the process seamlessly, as frequently as we’d like.

We are beyond elated to share that Gourmet Garden, who joined the Klub earlier this year, is now raising another Revenue Based Financing round with us. Obviously, the brand chose to stay in the klub of growth-obsessed brands with us for their subsequent rounds. Why? Because we offer funding that is impossible to say No to. Our funding is:

  • Fast, so it takes less than 48 hours for you to raise capital through Klub.
  • Flexible, so you repay as per your revenues instead of fixed EMIs.
  • Frequent, as you become eligible for repeat funding in 2 months.
  • Founder-friendly, because you would never be asked to give up any equity.
  • Fair, because we see only data & nothing else.

Fundraising is a huge hassle for founders who invest a lot of their time & resources in pitch decks. Who wouldn't opt for an alternative that is all the good things & none of the unpleasant ones? Subhashish Bhadra, Director at Klub shared:

India’s fresh from farm fruits and vegetables market is expected to grow annually by 8.23% p.a. between 2022-27 owing to a shift in consumer preferences for healthy and safe produce. A leader in this space, Gourmet Garden first raised funds from 39 patrons on our platform in February. Owing to consistently strong performance, it was able to raise a new round of financing from 29 Klub patrons in March. Their journey proves that high-performing brands can raise multiple rounds of financing in quick succession.

We understand funding because we understand founders. That is exactly what makes us a great growth partner for digital businesses across stages (early, growth & late).

To join the Klub, all you have to do is click here 🚀

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