Investments with exclusive rewards & benefits - A Patron Privilege Program 🎁

After our community-led funding product, we have developed the perfect privilege program for patrons who can't get enough of above-market returns and supporting their loved brands through Klub. Read more about Gro+ patron Privilege Program below.

Investments with exclusive rewards & benefits - A Patron Privilege Program 🎁

The investment market is booming with asset classes for investors to choose from, varying often only on the basis of their risk and returns. Alternative investments are a blessing for not just investors, but also for startups that have been recently marked as a financial asset by the Union Budget 2022, opening a whole new avenue for investment returns.

When Klub was launched in 2020, we knew that the next stage of India’s start-up journey was yet to come. A phase where start-ups do not need to depend solely on traditional capital, and when the community will step forward to support their loved local brands by providing them funds to grow. We believed that such community-based fund mobilisation is not only possible but a necessary milestone for Start-Up India. 🚀

We have finally made community-based funding a reality, here are some numbers that show how far our patron-backed funding initiative has come:

  • Klub’s patron community stands at 6100+ members, rising rapidly with each opportunity live on our platform
  • Over 100 investments were made in more than 200 beloved D2C & digital brands, cloud kitchens, SaaS companies, etc.
  • Our investments are consistently delivering above-market returns

The pandemic was hard on everyone but it posed a survival conundrum in front of new-age businesses struggling to tackle changing dynamics of the market, suppliers, and industry. It affected their capability to grow, all of which could be solved through founder-friendly funding.

One of our purpose-driven investments through our loyal patron community went to Tjori, known for its fashion and lifestyle products. Tjori has supported a community of over 700 local artisans directly during the pandemic. It has been one of the most popular brands on our platform and it raised multiple rounds of funding, out of which three of them have been completely repaid at above-market returns to the patrons.

For perspective, India’s long-term market-linked securities are projected to fetch returns upwards of 6.0% in 2022, as per a report by J.P. Morgan Asset Management which was surpassed in multiples by Tjori & almost all other investments subscribed by our patrons. 💸

This humbling support from our community got us thinking, how can we add value beyond the monetary for our patrons? What comes after returns that beat most of the market-linked securities?

The gift of preference with Klub Gro+ Patron Privilege, a membership program that is more than just investments and returns. Here are just a few examples:

  • Member patrons get early access, discounts, and exclusive invites to brand events by Klub.
  • Member patrons will be able to view opportunities one day before they go live.
  • Patrons who commit more than INR 25L to a single transaction get a flat 50% off on the platform fee.

Some of our patrons have already benefitted from the program and here's one of our active patrons Kabir Kochhar, Partner at Anthill Ventures talking about his experience with Klub and Gro+ :

Click here to know more about the program and its other benefits. 🎁

In order to make our community more inclusive, all patrons who sign up with us will receive all benefits of the membership for 8 weeks. We are working on creating an ecosystem that extends beyond digital to the physical, through our community engagement initiatives. Founders who raise capital through Klub and patrons who help these brands grow will be a part of meet & greets, seminars & other events organized by Klub.

Start-up investing and the lush new products of these brands, after all, should be accessible for everyone in the Klub! Stay tuned to know more about rewards, gifts and maybe some delectable snacks 🤤

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