Raising a glass as Local Ferment Co bubbles up 30% growth with Klub

Raising a glass as Local Ferment Co bubbles up 30% growth with Klub

At Local Ferment Co, excellence is the standard. They’re a non-alcoholic microbrewery known for their exceptional probiotic beverages. Leveraging their growth partnership with Klub for debt financing since Feb 2023, they've elevated their marketing and inventory management manifold, setting the bar high for the whole industry. 

Both the co-founders, Akash Devaraju and Noopur Porwal are deep food and beverages enthusiasts, and had brewed the idea of Local Ferment Co from the kitchens of Chef Social in 2019. Today, not only are they Bengaluru’s go-to destination for quirky artisanal drinks but also delight taste buds across India with their eclectic range of beverages.

Their natural fermentation techniques, extremely unique and engaging events, and unconventional marketing is what sets them apart in the beverage industry. The loyalty of their customers has been such that they’re willing to fund the company and make it their own. All of this brand love comes from crafting their beverages in-house entirely; it has always been their unwavering commitment to upholding the utmost standards of quality and consistency - from brewing to bottling. They make absolutely no compromises in the authenticity of their ingredients. 

Along with their strong presence on quick commerce platforms like Swiggy, Big Basket and India Mart, they are also loved at some of the finest bars and restaurants across India, and have catered to both retail and B2B segments. Beyond this, they also commit to minimising their carbon footprint with their biodegradable packaging and upcycling-friendly glass jars. 

Akash Devaraju, co-founder of The Local Ferment Co said “When I reached out to Klub for debt funding, I heard back in less than a day and from there, the entire process just blazed through. I was more than convinced with their due diligence and overall customer experience, it took less than 14-15 days. I have then on,  recommended Klub  for all kinds of debt to a bunch of people.

Today Klub takes immense pride in being associated with The Local Ferment Co as their financial growth partner in this journey. So, to those who drink without judgement, cheers to Local Ferment Co! And if you’re on your way to write your success story too, join the Klub today.

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