Scaling sustainable agriculture: eFeed’s 10x growth with Revenue Based Financing

Scaling sustainable agriculture: eFeed’s 10x growth with Revenue Based Financing
eFeed grew 10x with debt funding from Klub

eFeed, a pioneering cattle management and nutrition brand, is transforming dairy farming with its sustainable approach. With funding from Klub via Revenue Based Financing (RBF), they're advancing their ambitious and well-defined expansion plans while staying true to their eco-friendly mission.

With the capital raised, eFeed plans to significantly expand its operations and scale production. 

This expansion will enable eFeed to meet the growing demand for high-quality cattle feed, particularly in new regions where there is significant potential for improving dairy productivity.

Employing innovative farming techniques like feed additives for better digestion and smart waste management, eFeed is dedicated to reducing methane emissions from dairy operations. Their journey illustrates how strategic debt funding, coupled with a clear vision, fosters growth and innovation.

  1. Problem identified: Founded with the mission to revolutionise the dairy farming industry in India, eFeed addresses several critical challenges faced by dairy farmers. In India, farmers often face cash flow issues due to the 25-day operational cycle from milk submission to payment. To scale their operations effectively, eFeed needed substantial working capital without diluting equity, which led them to seek alternative funding solutions.
  2. High-yield, low-emission model: eFeed provides a solution by offering high-quality feed products that enhance milk yield and quality, thereby increasing farmers' income. Their focus on sustainability is also evident in their commitment to reducing methane emissions from cattle and promoting eco-friendly farming practices.
  3. The approach: By collaborating with agencies to improve cattle genetics and nutrition, eFeed aims to transform dairy farming in states like Odisha into high-yield, low-emission operations similar to those in New Zealand. With financing support from Klub, eFeed's vision to revolutionise dairy farming has received a vital boost, bringing sustainable practices to the forefront of the industry.

"Our partnership with Klub and the support we've received through Revenue Based Financing is a significant milestone in our journey.” says Kumar Ranjan, the founder of eFeed, “ It not only provides the necessary capital for expansion but also aligns with our vision of creating a sustainable dairy industry in India. We are excited to scale our operations, improve dairy productivity, and contribute to a greener future."

By leveraging debt capital effectively, eFeed is demonstrating how debt financing for startups can be a powerful tool for expansion and sustainability. If you’re curious about how Efeed is transforming the dairy industry, download our case study to dive into their innovative approach, and future plans. Discover the impact of debt funding on startups and sustainable agriculture. Get your copy here!

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