SellerApp - All in one seller tool for PPC

SellerApp - All in one seller tool for PPC
SellerApp offerings by Klub

Amazon in 2020 added 1.5 lakh new sellers onto its marketplace. With the Indian DTC ecosystem migrating to Amazon, getting lost in a sea of similar products has become a real cause of concern. Klub recognizes the importance of leveraging the immense customer base that Amazon has accumulated over the years and hence, Amazon Ad campaigns have hence become a very popular marketing tool for brands.

Amazon Ad campaigns work by sponsoring the brands on preferred spots to reach customers looking for similar products.

Learn more about revenue based financing for marketplace sellers from the CEO of Klub, Mr. Anurakt Jain in a webinar with SellerApp.

The SellerApp software as a service connects the dots between marketing, sales and operations into a single platform ensuring growth and success. The technology on their platform allows brands to optimize and analyze pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

“Amazon Prime Day 2021 was more evolutionary rather than revolutionary. During this sales phenomenon, Amazon witnessed a total sales of $11.9 Billion, which is a 14.5% increase from Prime Day 2020. Another interesting observation is that 46% of customers spend up to $100 during Prime Day 2021, while it was 42% last year. At the same time, 29% of customers spend between $100 and $200 this Prime Day - previously it was much higher at 32%. This indicates that consumers have become more conservative when it comes to Prime Day spending."
Co-Founder Dilip Vamanan

Marketing Tool:

The marketing tool offered by SellerApp allows easy access for brands to accomplish the following:

  • Product research
  • Keyword analysis
  • Seller watch
  • Product sourcing

Sales Tool:

SellerApps sales tool allows brand to zero in their focus on:

  • PPC analysis
  • Business Alerts
  • Business Insights

In addition, that also makes available for brands a profit dashboard to keep track of their spends and overall growth.

SellerApp uses data collected to create a habit forming feature of each brand. This feature is a combination of price optimization, listing optimization and campaign optimization to prompt users to return frequently.

They have recorded:

  • 125+ sellers registered on their platform
  • A 44% increase in revenue: With their precise reports brands can optimize their accelerate their Amazon Ad campaigns
  • 97% customer satisfaction: With over 1000 sellers relying on SellerApp
  • 2.3X sales increase as a result of their automated insights

With India gearing up for the end of year festivities, sign up with SellerApp to ensure optimal brand visibility

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