The Ultimate A-Z Guide to Revenue Based Financing: A new perspective on debt financing

The Ultimate A-Z Guide to Revenue Based Financing: A new perspective on debt financing

From fin-tech & D2C to entrepreneurship & investing, Kaleidoscope is Klub's take on the finance, investment, & D2C worlds, spotlighting debt funding for startups.

All of the equity is yours

In RBF, unlike equity financing, you retain full ownership, striking a balance between debt and equity.

Both collections in real-time through Klub’s technology

Our advanced technology ensures seamless, real-time collections, distinguishing RBF from traditional debt funding methods.

Critical data-driven decisions

Data is crucial in RBF, guiding performance assessment and mutual success between Klub and founders.

Directly exempts founders from personal liabilities

RBF offers protection by exempting founders from personal liability, unlike some other debt financing options.

Efficient and fast 

RBF provides quick access to capital with high-speed disbursements, supporting operational efficiency.

Flexible repayments  

RBF offers flexible terms, adjusting to your business needs and earning your loyalty.

Growth - No pitch decks, just recurring revenues  

RBF focuses on performance over pitching, with recurring revenues as the primary qualification criteria.

High flexible funding options  

RBF offers tailored funding options to support your unique growth plans and aspirations.

Instant turnaround time  

At Klub, we ensure a turnaround time of just 2 days, supporting timely opportunities for startups.

Journey to unlock your brand’s potential  

RBF provides working capital for performance marketing, unlocking growth potential for your brand.

Kindred high-velocity capital disbursal  

Klub’s high-velocity approach aligns with your brand’s growth potential, ensuring resource availability.

Leverage additional top-ups  

With RBF, access additional funding through top-ups to support ongoing growth.

Mo money mo solutions  

With RBF, additional capital translates into solutions, addressing challenges and seizing opportunities.

No pitch decks required, in fact the…  

Pitching? That’s so 2019. With RBF, the focus shifts from pitching to performance, with recurring revenues serving as the primary qualification.

Only thing you need is recurring revenues  

The key requirement for RBF is recurring revenues, providing a reliable source of repayment and aligning the interests of Klub and the founders.

Potential - quantums as big as your dreams  

RBF offers flexible funding options tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of each startup, supporting ambitious growth plans.

Quick repayments, so flexible you’ll become a fan  

RBF offers flexible repayment terms, adjusting to the ebbs and flows of your business and earning your loyalty.

Raise - Startups like Chumbak and Blusmart have already raised RBF and grown  

Leading startups have embraced RBF, leveraging this innovative form of debt financing to fuel growth, drive innovation, and achieve success.

Swift turnaround time - with Klub is only 2 days  

At Klub, we prioritise speed and efficiency, with a turnaround time of just 2 days, ensuring that startups can seize opportunities and overcome challenges without delay.

Turnaround time with Klub is only 2 days. At Klub, we ensure a turnaround time of just 2 days, supporting timely opportunities for startups.

Unlock your brand’s potential by spending on performance marketing with working capital  

RBF provides the working capital needed to invest in performance marketing, unlocking your brand’s potential and driving customer acquisition, retention, and growth.

Velocity of Klub in disbursing the capital to you is as high as your brand’s potential growth  

Klub’s high-velocity approach aligns with your brand’s growth potential, ensuring that you have the resources needed to capitalise on opportunities and achieve your goals.

We’re bringing the heat in funding winter  

In a challenging funding environment, RBF stands out as a warm and welcoming option, providing the capital and support needed to navigate the winter months and emerge stronger than ever.

X-tra top-ups every couple months🥳  

With RBF, you can access additional funding through top-ups to support ongoing growth and capitalise on new opportunities as they arise.

Your brand deserves this, don’t trust us?  

RBF offers a fair and balanced approach to financing that respects and values your brand, providing the support and resources needed to achieve success. Isn't it time you trusted in the power of RBF?

Zero hassle, only hustle  

RBF eliminates the hassles associated with traditional debt financing, offering a streamlined and efficient approach that allows founders to focus on what they do best—building and growing their business.

If this comprehensive A-Z guide on Revenue-Based Financing, debt funding for startups, and the balance between equity vs debt resonates with you, sign up here to explore RBF and its myriad of benefits for your startup.

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