These 5 Shark Tank brands can be the perfect Valentine's gifts

These 5 Shark Tank brands can be the perfect Valentine's gifts

Everyone loves feeling cherished, especially on Valentine's Day.

For us at Klub, it's about celebrating local consumer businesses by being their growth partner in their entrepreneurial journeys. It's about making them feel special and spreading the word about these thriving businesses.

So here are some fresh gifting ideas for your Valentine—5 unique and special gifts from local consumer businesses (appeared on Shark Tank) that we've curated to make your loved ones feel special and to spread the word about these homegrown businesses.

1. Tiggle 

After those exhausting office hours, you must have whipped up a steaming hot chocolate for your partner to help them unwind.

If chocolate is your Valentine's favourite, Tiggle’s hot chocolate drinks are a perfect choice. Take your pick from hazelnut, jaggery, coffee-infused, and dark chocolate flavours. You can order Tiggle products directly from their website and on Amazon. 

2. AdilQadri

If your partner has a penchant for deluxe fragrances, regularly uses body deodorants, and appreciates premium perfume oils, consider gifting them attars - akin to roll-on perfumes from the Shark Tank Season 3 brand AdilQadri.

Present them with that perfume so you can instantly recognise their arrival by the familiar scent. You can order the perfumes directly from their website or through marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart. 

3. The Cinnamon Kitchen 

Assorted bakes from The Cinnamon Kitchen could be the perfect treat for your partner if they're particular about sugar and calorie intake and strictly prefers gluten-free goodies.

At The Cinnamon Kitchen, they specialise in PCOS-friendly gluten-free bakery delights, all made with natural sweeteners.

What better way to show your partner how much you care about their health and happiness? You can order The Cinnamon Kitchen products directly from their website. 

4. Recode Studios 

Well, let's be real, who doesn't love makeup? It's practically a universal truth, especially for her.

Okay, not everyone, but most girls would be thrilled to receive their favourite shade of transfer-proof lip colour, a smudge-proof mascara, or a trusty Kajal stick.

Recode Studios has a fantastic lineup of luxurious yet affordable cosmetics that she's bound to fall in love with. You can get your Recode cosmetics from either of the marketplaces: Nykaa, Flipkart or Amazon or order directly from their website. 

5. Wehear 

If your partner is all about podcasts during their morning run or enjoys jamming to old tunes while working, Wehear’s headphones are an absolute game-changer.

With these, you can rest easy knowing their hearing won't be compromised, even with prolonged use.

They're designed to transmit sound through the cheekbones, bypassing the ears altogether, so there's no risk of ear damage like with regular headphones or earphones.

Pretty cool, right? Order from their website, Amazon or Flipkart and don’t forget to gift wrap it. 

This Valentine’s Day, why not shower some love on homegrown brands that tirelessly craft products and experiences beyond the ordinary?

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